18 May 2009

Another Ghost

Night slips
into black silk,
and breathing stills.

Lilac floats
on swollen air.

I wait
in full blossom,
my feet warm
in the spreading moss.

A cricket calls, lonely,
from another valley,
in another hollow.
Another shadow,

another pause.

© 2003

If this old poem has posted without an illustration (and/or with this attached note), it is because I'm just not up to editing it before publishing. I have seven or so entries scheduled to post: two for May; one for June; and two more for September, and then some later.

I hope to be up and visiting everyone soon.


fredwrite said...

I know I'm not reading sensuousness into this. I can smell it. Mmm. I'd love to see the illustration you were going to put with this.

Forgive me for prying, but I suspect that you are not well. I'm thinking about you, Cat.

Aaron said...

Sounds like you're under the weather, Cat. Get well soon, okay?

Lenoirrr said...

A wonderful poem. The sound of the cricket... doesn't it make you feel happy?!

I do hope you will be feeling happier soon!

Thomas Paine said...

Echoing what the others said, I hope you are feeling better than what it sounds.

I very much enjoyed the poem.

And don't forget that lots of us love you.

artandsoul said...

Well, I am just glad to see you're alive!! Miss you lots, and hope you are feeling better soon!

bookbabie said...

Hmm, I too hope you feel better whatever ails you. We always love your creative work but I know it's tough to be creative when your life gets thrown off balance:(

catnapping said...

hi everyone. i am felling much better. i will come by and visit blogs today and tomorrow. it is easeir to read than write but i will be sure to say hi.

i am mostly sitting up and watshing dvds. thank you for you good wishes.

LentenStuffe said...
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Kevin McGinty said...

I gotta be honest here. A lot of your stuff, I just don't get.

But I like it and look forward to looking at, reading, or feeling whatever it is that you're trying to tell us.

Take care, my mysterious, liberal friend.

We'll talk soon...

lissa said...

I like it, edit or not, it certainly sets a mood, like a faded summer dream

catnapping said...

I am back, sort of. I am drawing a picture of a tree. I will try to upload it tomorrow.

I see that my crypt poem published. It was another scheduled post. I thought it would fit for Memorial Day.

This poem, Another Ghost, I wrote in a moment of lonliness. I think it was early June. The air was thick with fragrance. A perfect night for lovers...

studio lolo said...

Another moving piece. I always "feel" what you write.

I hope your nasty headaches haven't returned. I'll send a raven to look after you ;)