15 September 2005


Mine is not a good yard for pink cats. In the 3 years I've lived here, 4 different cats have tried to take up residence. All have shared the IQ of a flat tire. Plump tabbies in various shades of orange and pink.

One by one, I've eventually taken them to the animal shelter for neutering and adoption. Otherwise, they might have starved. The squirrels refuse to share, and pink cats are lackadaisical hunters. And my landlord refuses to allow me the company of an indoor cat.

Not to say other cats don't visit. There was a little siamese kitten that wandered over once, and the people who used live across the alley had a black and white that used to come by for house-finch dinner at least once a week.

This morning, someone new is passing through. A lavender-grey cat is stalking the sparrows as they venture out from the bushes looking for bread crumbs and overripe plums.

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violetismycolor said...

pink and lavendar cats? what are those? never seen such an animal in my neighborhood.