17 September 2005


My mumbuds are missing!

Last fall, I bought seven bright orange, red, and purple chrysanthemums - 99¢ apiece. And when the first frost hit, I took great care protecting their roots so they'd survive the winter, above ground.

And 4 of them did.

I put them in pretty new pots, once winter's freeze had burned off, and they've been doing great. I didn't prune them, so they're all about two and a half feet tall, and their leaves are larger, in shades of deep royal greens. It's taken all summer for them to make buds...and there are scores of buds on each plant.

About 3 nights ago, I noticed that some of the buds were starting to break open, and their colours were starting to show. And so I've been checking in the days since, waiting for the petals to unfold.

Well, this evening, when I checked, all the buds with opening petals...were gone! Someone has bit them all off. I suspect everyone, and no one. It's just as likely to be the ducks as it is the deer.

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