01 October 2005


Once, there was a goat
in a very little boat.
But because of a sore throat
he couldn't sing a note,
or even share a quote
that he memorized by rote
from his favorite anecdote
about his neighbor's wooly coat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
more rimes to be found in the comments section:


Anonymous said...

Knew you were practised at poetry from your comment :)

Your submission this week is wacky,
That doesn't mean it is tacky,
I love his thin neck,
The narrow red deck,
You sure you're not smokin some tobaccy?

Catnapping said...

The picture’s not a lot,
but the message is really hot:

If yer gonna float a goat,
best put him in a boat

Leigh Anne said...

hahaha. nice boots

Catnapping said...

I get such hoots
that you like my rubber boots.

They make me look groovy
keeping dry, my cloven hoovies.

kg said...

like the illo - love the rippled reflective aspect of the water - i think your goathead looks like a bull terrier (but that ain't bad, though)...

poem and illo both - too cute!

Catnapping said...

you visit my blog
and call me a dog?

i’m insulted, i say,
that you’d treat me this way

and, oh, by the way.
i've been to your site.
your entries there,
are such a delight.

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Yikes...that poor goat...I hope he gets out of that contraption....nice IF

Catnapping said...

what lousy luck;
in there he’s stuck.

he tries not to whine
but he’s thinkin’ this sucks!

carla said...

Geez...you got a regular poetry slam going on here. Wait...let me get my bongo drums! This is a silly and fun illustration, and I really do like the rhyme. How did you do this? Is the background a manipulated photo, or did you draw it in? There's a distinct difference between the goat in the boat and the background. The water is really wonderful! I also really like your curiosity illo below...the silhouetted bird and the leaves in the background make for such a lovely composition.

Catnapping said...

The background is a composite of 4 different photos...pieces from each. (e.g. much of the evergreen stuff is the same two branches repeated.) The sky, is me messing with the fill tool...playing with colour again.

The reflection I did by duplicating the boat after I made it...I turned the duplicat upside down, and made it partially transparent. Then added some light blue in the darker blue, and squiggled and mixed. The water took 6 layers to get this. I think the reflection's too glassy...more like ice...but i haven't figured out how to do differently.

I may go back and freehand the greenery so that it doesn't look so separated from the floating goat.

He’s all stretched out,
there’s no doubt about.

But what can he do,
‘sides sit there and pout?

He's a sad little goat
whose fate is done wrote.

andrea said...

Wow! First time through and just love your work.

Alina Chau said...

HA ! HA !! This is a fun illustration!! Love it!! Soo cute ...

vfm4 said...

am still grinning... love both, the poem and the matching illo... :)

constanthing said...

I bet you must have such fun rhyming
That you are doing it while smiling
Such terrific colouring
I find it very alluring ;cp

Anonymous said...

A watery trail of bubbles
Could mean troubles,

If both billie goat
and shiny red boat,

are tooting along
smelling all wrong,

fast as bass
but powered by bad gas.


Anonymous said...


The reflection is Well Done.

Sincerely, Vincent Van Google

Anonymous said...

I love the illo, and the red boat;
But such big feet on a little goat.
For sure he is stuck in his device of red,
But it's better to float than to be dead.

-Reg'lar Rhymer

PaulSketch said...

wow! beautiful poetry and aweosme illustrations

Toni said...

Oh-oh what happened did you run out of rhyme?
your illo is just fine! Love your goat in a boat.

998fort said...

how cute!

Catnapping said...

LOL...thanks for some great bad poetry. I'm sorry I didn't get back...I got really busy at this end, and couldn't come out to play.

thank you for your kind comments.


Tony Sarrecchia said...

Don't know how I missed this last time---Very nice.

pinknpretty said...

Okay, you crack me up! Great poetry and artwork - love the goat afloat in the boat!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hahaha. This is so irrelevant and humourous!