02 February 2007

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How weird am I, really?

Val Gal has asked for full disclosure.

1. I think probably the weirdest thing about me is that I talk to myself. Not just occasionally, but whenever I’m alone. Every thought in my head comes out of my mouth. Yes, I’ve heard of inner dialogue, but I’m sure it’s just a theory.

2. Since October of 89, I’ve been seeing (what I call) shadow people. They’re like 3D shadows, kinda fuzzy on the edges, and almost transparent. They don’t talk to me; they don’t even acknowledge me. I doubt they’re even aware of me. I assume they’re ghosts. I’ve seen fewer than a dozen, probably. And they disappear almost as soon as I realize they’re there. As you can imagine, this scared the holy shit outta me at first. But now, I kinda welcome it. (My daughter has since seen a few. Maybe it’s hereditary.)

3. I’m probably a communist. At least I believe that human beings were not meant to live in a capitalist system. We were much healthier as a species when entire communities shared most things. One-Each societies, as far as I’m concerned, only benefit the very rich. I might be willing to bet that the early predictions of the Beast and his 666-mark were predictions of capitalism. Few of us can survive in this culture unless we participate. I’ve got a brother doing a pretty good job of it, but even he has been forced to get an ID card and work for wages rather than limit his economic interactions to bartering.

4. I’m thinking of declaring myself a celibate. I’ve already become asexual, or maybe I’m just cybersexual. My husband has been dead for over 4 years, and I’ve only been interested in men, in theory - men in the ether. I’ve have a few crushes on men I’ve met on the Net. Ya know, political forums, here in the blogosphere, that sort of thing. But in real life, they leave me cold. I’m just not interested.

5. I’m scared to look in the bathroom mirror unless the light’s on. That goes for other mirrors in the house. If only nightlights are on, I won’t look into any mirrors. I saw a Twilight Zone when I was a little girl, where a woman’s reflection had a life of its own, and I’ve never been able to shake the memory.

Damn. I really can’t think of any more weirdness. I was supposed to come up with six. (But seeing shadow people probably counts for two or three, ey?)


ValGalArt said...

I knew you would have wonderful tales of weirdness! Oh and how quickly they come pouring out of you!!! I have seen the shadow people too. I love that you are a communist, and celibacy is underrated! Thank You my friend you did good!

Hellcat said...

Hhehhehheeee, WEIRD? The only weird point here is the last one. That woman looking into the mirror should go away and let me have a life of my OWN!

Anonymous said...

You see "SHADOW PEOPLE"???? HAHAHAHAHA Couldn't be because you're fucking INSANE, or anything, huh, Becky? You STUPID, head-injured CUNT. LOL!

TenaciousK said...

Sheesh, anon! Look, there's no shame in developing a little cybercrush, but do you have to be so, I dunno, transparent?

Just tell her you think she's really hot, and then move on.

TenaciousK said...

[Sigh...] Nobody's ever called me a "STUPID, head-injured CUNT".

I miss pet names. I do remember my STBX referring to me as "Fucking scum under [her] feet", but she only said that once, so I'm thinking it doesn't count.

I have to admit, styles have sure changed. We've come light years from the days of "honey" and "sweetie". I'm thinking MTV and that rap music is responsible. Well, and I think S&M has become sort of mainstream.

So, "Mistress Anon" it is. Like, "I'm so sorry I displeased you Mistress Anon" and "Yes, I'll eagerly lick your boots Mistress Anon"; it's all about the obsequience and the shame, I hear.

Tops are so funny, aren't they? But we love them anyway.

If Anon is a top - she might just be a precocious bottom pretending to be a top, just begging for someone to come along and tell her she's a "fucking disgusting deformed sow", or something. How can one tell, when we don't know who she is?

Ah well - "STUPID, head-injured CUNT"; I should be so fortunate, to mean enough to someone they'd care enough to call me that!

Not lucky in love, I guess [sniff!].

TenaciousK said...

Oh, and Catnapping - I loved your post. Being extraordinarily sensitive is a lovely quality, and a rare gift.

A rare gift apparently intolerable to some of the most hazardous and wounded of people. There's a lot of sadness behind that kind of shame-based rage. I guess instead of making fun of her, I should be feeling sorry for her.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope I didn't take too many liberties on your blog.

Catnapping said...

valgal: anytime, honey! thank you for the tag, it was fun.

hellcat: i didn't know vampire cats had reflections.

lillith: yawn.

tenaciousK: i do kinda feel sorry for her. getting caught in that death-hoax last year kinda spoiled the fray for her.

tenasciousK: your liberties are always welcome.

Borut said...

Great! You should read Merilyn Tunneshende’s ‘The Twilight Language of the Nagual’, I think you really should!?:)

Michelle Lana said...

Hehee....wonderful! although the shadow people are a little scary...you really do see shadow people? that would freak me out..
thanks for stopping by :)

Illustration Friday Night said...

I have another weirdness you can add: 'reading penises'. At least, that's what your profile says.

Is it a little bit like phrenology, only down below?

Catnapping said...

IFN: something like that...

firebird said...

My son sees shadow people, his friends do too--I'm not gifted to see anything paranormal myself...
Shadow people have been photographed--
TAPS does that all the time, and shows the pictures on TV.

Love what you said about capitalism...

But the mirror thing IS weird!

Gawpo said...

Have you considered the differences between celibacy (a way of life) and chastity (the condition of refraining from sex)? As you describe it, you may very well indeed be talking about celibacy. It does embrace chastity. Can't have celibacy, in fact, without including being chaste. But there are lots of chaste folks who are not celibates.

(HA!!! Security word is perfect for a stalker: jiyrykgb)
I shadow seeing people. Must be the lysdexia I suffer. This explains all the stalking complaints. I'm thinking of quitting due to the ever steepening fines and lengthening of the jail sentences. Recreational stalking is a dying art, I tell ya.

Don't worry, I've never been to Montana. Yet. (heh heh heh....)

Jeannette said...

cool weird facts! you know, ive never even thought of looking in a mirror with the lights out. it sounds wicked scary.

blownfucia said...

Sounds pretty normal to me, my dad wrote an episode for twighlight zone, but like most men, he's an asshole. It was fun to read your post, honesty is a rare commodity. So kudos!

ardi k said...

Thanks for the snapshot. Your weirdness is a treasure. Montana culture is rich with its value. When I lived in a commune near Lavina in the late 70s-early 80s - the gulf between the locals and us was replete with such character. Few such entities stayed in the shadows though. Of course, allowing more doorways (views into darkened mirrors) helps a bit.

Thanks for your visit to RTW.

MjM said...

thanks. I'm reading this alone in the house at 12:50PM and all I've got for protection is a cat and a 15lb dog.

This was a great help.