05 January 2008

eventful morning

I saw a mink today. And I got him on film for just a second...two frames...and even these are poor.

I thought he was an otter*, but someone there explained that he was indeed, a mink. It's the first time I've ever seen a mink in real life.

I also saw a newborn...made a quick sketch.

*a little trivia:
'Otter' shares its etymology with 'water' and 'winter'.



Mick said...

The only mink I've ever seen was a'stole! So, let me see here - mink ... baby - baby skin needs pertekshun 'n softeningness - mink ... oil - ut oh! :O

ValGalArt said...

Very cool! i wouuld love to see one!

Anonymous said...

How exciting and an eventful morning indeed! I hope it wasn't after eating a duckling! The baby looks yummy ;)

Sahar Ajami said...

good for you
it is so nice to see a mink
thank u for ur comment
I think u have a lovely neighborhood

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I think (live) minks are cute, although the only ones I remember seeing were in the film Gorky Park.