07 January 2008

These Blogs Make my Day!

I'm tickled to learn that I've made Ces' day, and I'd like to pass that feeling along.

Here are some blogs that make my day!

Boiled Egg's blog (Caution: This egg takes drugs, and he farts, too!)

Jack's Bird-brained blog (I wish I could find a man as cute and colourful as this bird!)

Sexy (but married) Scientist's blog (I have a crush on 5 men I've met on the internet, and 3 of them are married. But I stalk them anyway...)

Sexy (but married) Artist's blog (I like Mick's use of collage and his sense of light and movement. I find something to think about every time I look at his work.)

Val's blog (I get hungry for candy every time I see Val's work. Her colours are positively edible.)


Anonymous said...

AN AWARD FOR MEEEEE!!!!!! I deserve it! BWARK!


Ces said...

Congratulations Catnapping. I agree with Val. Her art is so delicious. I always feel happy when I see her work.

What? Anon gets another award. That bird is going to grow big ears!

Funny about the Egg.

Archaeopteryx said...

Aw, shucks....

montag said...

These are awfully good.
Thank you for sharing them.

Mick said...

I KNEW I'd been hearing footsteps following me up and down the street ... so, that was you? :D

Anonymous said...

Catnapping, you have won ANOTHER You Make My Day Award!

ValGalArt said...

Yer so sweet! Thank YOu and you must know i love your blog, art, humour, viewpoint and everything else about you too!

Anonymous said...
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