22 December 2008

The Ninth Day of Christmas

cook's ladles dancing


Galatea said...

Season's Greetings Cat!
Take note...these are extremely musical ladles! And they're so very beautiful too!
Happy Holly Days!
Merry Merry Crristmas
...and a Wonder-full New Year!


lissa said...

nice poem and image, I wonder perhaps the crescent moon is jealous of the ladles

isay said...

i like the shadows and nice lettering---

Merry merry merry christmas to you and your family!

studio lolo said...

I love still, snowy scenes with a moon. The choice of musical notes is great, as well as the color of them. Very feminine!

Merry Christmas Ms. Cat.
And Merry Always!!

Hope to see you a lot in '09 :)

Mick said...

Ladles? I thought there was a hockey team buried under the snow. :)

ValGalArt said...

these ladies are notable :) love it!

tsduff said...

And nakedly pink too... brrrrr ;)