06 January 2009

I rule everything.

I am king of all I purvey. That includes your cat and those peanuts you just brought home from the grocers.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Love it! I want to hang it on my wall.

Renee said...

I love it too. I think it may look nicer on my wall. har har.

I am so glad you are back on.

Love Renee

studio lolo said...

Oh I think this King needs to come to the raven house :) Such a regal beauty! And he looks like he's made of velvet. Wow. And that eye, hmmmm...whose could it be? I'm trying very hard to read the writing. I get the peanut purveying but what's this about the cat?
This is a grand entry into the new year my dear;)

Catnapping said...

i love this bird, too! i really do!

a friend of mine needs a logo for his new website, and i have been trying to make him one. well, after trying for days to do something ultra simple yet appealing...something snapped, and i made something very organic.

it would never work for his site, but it felt good to draw it. and i liked the velvety texture so much that i made a bird using the same kinds of texture. and that felt even better!

the text in the background..."I am beautiful. I am king of all I purvey. And I purvey everything. I purvey your cat. I purvey your crackers. I purvey your apples and your plums. I purvey your peanuts."

I was trying to think of what resolve would mean to a raven.

i am sooo glad you guys like this guy. i wish he was real.

Carmen Saldaña said...

Very nice bird, I love the colors and the textured background

carla said...

Your king is so regal and so beautiful! The color choices work so well,, and the type in the background adds both texture and meaning. Very nice! carla

Archaeopteryx said...

I especially like the look in his eye. He's just barely tolerating us. He's gorgeous!

tsu-mina said...

Nice expression!

get zapped said...

Stunning illo. So much express so simply. Love your work.

HaPpy NeW YeaR!

Teri C said...

So regal-looking is right and the look of resolve in his eye! Great illo.

ValGalArt said...

I really love this!!! Especially the eye, very compelling! Nice plumage too :)

md said...

very solid artwork for the new year. And i agree with the above ppl splendidly done

Twisselman said...

I purvey a wonderful illustration of a first-class pajaro.

Also, thanks for your comments on my post. You are so right about violence permeating our society at every turn. I think the whole world needs a time-out.

Ian T. said...

Oh, I do like a determined bird and your picture has so much character!

tsduff said...

That is one crow who is parading finely. What a nerve he (or she - I dare you to tell the difference) has... most of us stay good and black.

Anonymous said...

That is one wise and determined and also very colorful and jaunty bird.

Michelle said...

Thanks for popping by my blog, because if you hadn't I'd have missed your wonderful artwork. This one is absolutely gorgeous! I'm a great lover of crows and Ravens and this picture just fits their whole "attitude" brilliantly. I love it.

Michelle said...

PS... I think he is real, I think the crows, rooks and ravens gather once a year somewhere magical to adore their king. ;-)

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fat B said...

He is so regal. His fine feathers even look like royal velvet.

He can have my 15 year old son, but not my cat.

artandsoul said...

I just realized I had saved your blog on the July poem post, so I hadn't realized you had blogged since then!

I am an idiot.

LOVE the bird!

Mick said...

That bird looks like a "Smart Alec" to me. :D

DragonTat2 said...

Stop your wishing... he IS real.

I want mine to be eight inches tall.
Thanks in advance.