26 February 2009

Alley Mice

Next to mom's old Frigidaire,
ran an alley to the wall,
where mice would park
their itty butts,
and wait for crumbs to fall.


artandsoul said...

Now it really amazes me that you can do mice, especially mice with their itty butts parked next to the fridge, in a way that I like them!

Please don't do roaches!! I really don't want to like roaches, ok?

Seriously, this is very good. That is the exact color turquoise of late 50's appliances. And the mice, the perfect pink.


Catnapping said...

omg. you startled me. this had a zero, and i went to a page, and came back in less than 5 seconds, and saw you comment!

given the choice between mice and roaches, i'll take mice anyday!

i do hafta admit, i think baby roaches are soooo cute. not that i won't kill 'em on sight, but really. they are cute. it's so hard to believe they will grow up to be such UGLY bugs!

i don't think i've ever seen a roach up here in montana, though i'm told there are some households where folks have brought them up from warmer climes.

with global warming, i'm inclined to figure roaches will become common up here soon enough. the winters won't be cold enough to kill the ones outdoors.

i think if i haven't moved up to yellowknife by then, that will be the ick that finally drives me outta here.

lissa said...

adorable art, wonderful colors

fredwrite said...

Okay, since you all brought up roaches, you reminded me about Tessa in college. It was twenty years ago, but she was already mostly paralyzed then. Her room was right by the trash chute in the dorms, and roaches would crawl on her face at night. SORRY! Couldn't resist grossing you out.

That is a charming rhyme and picture.

Renee said...

Coming from you, somone I admire so much, I am going to take the compliment and run to the hills.


Kevin McGinty said...

You guys think you get freaked out by the sight of roaches.

You should have seen my mom's reaction when she found an ashtray full of them I'd been

Oh, never mind...

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

I love this ... Art & words! Purrfect.



The Whippy Curly Tails

artandsoul said...

cat - sorry for hijacking your comments off of mice on to roaches. :)

I do love your mice!

Catnapping said...

i do not see that as a threadjack, art.

i love the direction this comment section took. roaches and roaches...lol.

of course you realize, i'm gonna hafta write a pome, now, about those ugly critters somebody went and named maryjane butts after.

artandsoul said...

Oh goodie! Another pome!!!

Mick said...

LOL ... beautifully done! :)

Aaron said...

Ah... mice. Always a lot cuter in memory than they are when your little sister is running around screaming and Mother is shouting at you not to use her good skillet on it.

Er... or so I've been told.

Cappy said...

Those are the cutest mice!

studio lolo said...

if you could see what falls in my "alley" between the fridge and wall you'd call the board of health! I could use a few mice to get in that space :D
I love the art and of course I love the ditty about the itty butts!