15 February 2009

A Fluffy Lap

On fluffy lap
he falls asleep,
and dreams of tigers
in jungles deep.

Hunting food
and keeping guard,
he rules the world
his own backyard.


Mick said...

Too sweet!!! :D

Patia said...

Love it!

ValGalArt said...

this is the greatest :)

artandsoul said...

Aweseome!! What a cat - and what a lap! As I type I want you to know that I have a fluffy lap as well! :)

fredwrite said...

Happy cat. Happy lap.

betmo said...

this perfectly describes my 'lap leech' :) usually, he is monopolizing my lap but occasionally, the other one squeezes on too- and there's 3 of us in the chair :)

Anonymous said...

Sa'weet, when are you going to do a children's book?

Renee said...

First thoughts in my head when I looked at the picture.

'Is she fucking serious, like what can't she do?' Like, as in I love it and you have made it so real and look so simple at the same time.

Love Renee

Patricia Hughes said...

My legs are very fluffy. And my cat is too. You have a fun blog. I followed you from your photographs on New West. First I went to Flicker and then here. Your pictures of the Heron and the bicycle are very pretty.

I am from Polson but once a week I go to Missoula. We usually go to the Macys and to the Shack. I would like to meet you if you can.

studio lolo said...

Okay, had to do a double-take and make sure it was a lap ;)
I love the draped feline following her curves. Just happy to be there.

Like I'm happy to be here.:)

md said...

nice lap warmer lol

isay said...

so cool and beautiful! i like the poem, too.

The Crow said...

Always happy to make new acquaintances and to read their thoughts on the world.

I have 3 lap warmers, one of whom gets my attention whenever I sit down to blog by lightly puncturing my butt with her claws. She and her brothers were feral kittens when I took them in. They've turned out to be part Maine coon and are the fluffiest lap
warmers I've ever known!