03 March 2009

My Blue Shoes

I lifted my foot,
and what did I view?
Doo Doo
on my new blue shoes.

A scraping,(it's true),
was long overdue.
And a soaking straight through,
with scented shampoo.

So I dipped my blue shoes
in a soapy fondue.
In hopes to subdue
the doo doo's


Another old ditty (written in 2004) that needed illustration...


tsduff said...

Your poetry is exquisite - but tell me again how you make your illustrations? They are always unique, fresh and pleasing. Ahhhhh - thanks for the pretty bubbles. My Sweetie walked by and thought they were popcorn. The only doo doo here is chicken poo (Miss Chicky). Nice blue shoes. Hey, am I a bit non-sequitur today?

Catnapping said...

80 percent of the time, my illos are sketched with pencil and then scanned to my computer, where i fill them with colour.

these bubbles are not the ones i sketched. these were made with a vector tool. my bubbles didn't scan well, and looked partially erased.

sometimes i draw with coloured pencils...the smaller birds i've put up.

sometimes i've used my mouse to do the drawing. it's soooo hard to do. and i always make mistakes, and have to start again. or [ctrl+z] back to some earlier point. i'm learning as i go along.

thinking in non-seqwitters is the sign of a creative mind. a great mind. yes. that's it!

Kevin McGinty said...

You crack me up Cat...

Teri C said...

Hilarious! Love these colors.

Renee said...

So cute.

Thank you for your comment on memories, I want to believe that is true. And yes, that we just don't understand yet.


Kevin McGinty said...

tsduff, glad you asked about how Cats' illos were made. I was just getting ready to ask the same thing.

Sorry Cat, but I guess I just assumed you got them off the internet somewhere to fit whatever it was you writing about.

So glad to know they're your own original work. And now I truly am impressed. Keep up the good work...

fredwrite said...

God, I love women. A woman would soak her shoes in shampoo. A guy would rent a pressure washer and blast the poo from the traction sole and then blast the siding off the house for fun.

Those repeated vowels are excellent. I swear, the "oo" and "ew" must be our reflexes to ucky stuff, just like the scream is to a threat.

soulbrush said...

roflol this is such a great piece. love it.and so glad you come to visit me too.

studio lolo said...

Not the blue shoes!!!!
Doo-doo happens to the best of us ;)

You're really quite clever Ms. Cat.