13 April 2009

Spring Petals


artandsoul said...

Oh lovely!! And it seems that every day your blog is new and different!!

I can't let a day slip by without visiting - I miss too much!

studio lolo said...

I think I've found 2 four-leaf clovers in my life.
Maybe that's why I'm so lucky sometimes ;)

Did you see that Debra Kay made a comment to you on my blog? I think it was my 'fleeting' post. Something about a snake.

violetismycolor said...

did you find these yourself?

Mick said...

Very soothing these. :)

LentenStuffe said...

I wrote a poem [a Christmas Poem] once about a little girl looking into a snowglobe and seeing her own family miniaturized in there beneath falling snow. I tried to conjure the kind of wistful longing that knows no repose ... your work often evokes that same sense of yearning for me.

[The Word Verification was "Coweep". Weird]

Catnapping said...

zb: i just wanted to say that i think you're the best writer on the fray. hands down.

whenever i see that you've posted something, i hurry to try and read it before you delete it.

i'm sorry that i cannot comment intelligently on your entries, as the professional writers do, but i wanted you to know that i enjoy reading you.