21 October 2009


It doesn't really glitter, does it? It radiates flawlessly - rich, warm, and clear.

This morning I was held in the palms of radiance. She pressed me against her cheek, and traced a finger along my jaw.

The thermometers would probably read 20 above, but the winds from the Hellgate were blowing something fierce. I was walking towards the Rattlesnake Creek, hoping to spot a family of Ravens who'd started hanging around one of the bridges there.

I was near the parking lot of the Missoula Children's Theatre when, suddenly, I was lifted in a glow, held in love and pure light - for one moment. I'm not describing an epiphany...there were no revelations - just a wave of pure joy.

So simply made. Yellow light from a street lamp spilling over the flaxen leaves of a Birch and its peeling white bark, reaching for me in the pale grasses.


studio lolo said...

First, how wonderful it is to see you here.♥

Second, this is beautiful, just as I knew it would be.

Did I tell you I love the raven part?


Catnapping said...

Hi Studio. It's good to see you. I am using two computers these days.

The lamp to my laptop doesn't work, and so I've been using an old monitor plugged into it. BUT the damn things been heating up alot. And crashing for no reasonable reason.

So I try to use the old computer, but it's been broken since January of 2007, I restored it to factory settings to see if I could use any of it. Well, it accesses the internet, but it freezes up if I try to access my gmail or my blog.

So I plug from one to the other. I use my laptop to try and visit my blog.

I haven't made any digital drawings for months. I can't seem to remember how to use my mouse right.

But. I've been drawing a lot more with pen, ink, and diluted ink. I've even started dabbling with watercolour.

But..again. Broken things. My digital camera keeps insisting I need a new battery. I do NOT.

I keep meaning to pick up something at the Target or the Walmart. Some kiddy digital cam...so I can take pictures of my drawings for the blog.

Other than that, it's been doctor's visits and Hulu dot com. (I did have cable, but realized that broadband is actually cheaper than cable. And most TV shows are available on the net.) I use my old computer to watch TV on the internet.

Also, I watched 4 seasons of Bones in a row. One episode after the other.

Also, I've been donating an hour a week to a local charity. Folding napkins, alphabetizing hard files and other paperwork, that sort of thing. I think computers have actually made more work for office people, not less.


Laurie said...

Your post is beautiful. You have been missed.

Mick said...

These gifts have been dubbed "perfect moments" by the late, great monologueist, Spalding Gray. I've been fortunate to have experienced such moments more than a dozen times in my life ... I'm on the alert for more. (sigh)

fredwrite said...

"just a wave of pure joy"

So true. And useful to contemplate. Joy does not blow a trumpet when it visits. That's why so many people miss it.

Love you, Cat.