27 August 2011



studio lolo said...

There you are!!

I think of you often and keep you in my sidebar hoping to read more of your writing.

Thanks for the sign of life ;)

Hugs from here as I wait for hurricane Irene.


Michael said...

Ah, anticipation! Nice to see you, and your lovely art. Greetings from Chicago.

DragonTat2 said...

How lively, both the drawing and finding you here in my blogger feed.
Hope you are having a nice summer.
Peace&Blessings~ Susan

DragonTat2 said...

...slip o the finger, I suppose. I'd intended to say lovely.

aka DragonTat2

Sandy said...

Good to see you updating your blog again. Can you believe we've had our blogs for 6 years...heck, we probably have some older than that.