27 October 2011

Have Yourself a Birdly Christmas

This is done on an index card with black ink, watercolour, and white-out (for the hat).


Schmutzie said...

Very nice. The white out works great. The water color thing is working. You've got to make some actual bird Christmas tree ornaments! (uh, holiday tree ornament.)

Catnapping said...

Dear god, let's not have another winter solstice darkened by the devoutly hysterical picketing walmart.

I am sending you and Sandy birdly ornament drawings.

Schmutzie said...

If you send me something,and don't include a return address.....the little bird gets it!


studio lolo said...

My heart always leaps when I see a post from you!

This is so very sweet.

I hope you're well.♥

505whimsygirl said...

Who would have thunk it?!? White out adds a real nice texture.

What a cute little birdie!!!

Have you thought of doing bird portraits?

Catnapping said...

Hi StudioLolo. Yes, I'm doing okay these days. My hair's grown back enough to style into a short page just below my ears, and I don't use my walker anymore.

I always feel better seeing your crows and ravens. They are still my favorite birds.

Hi Whimsy Girl. Bird Portraits, huh? I'm thinking Mom, Pop, and two hatchlings posed on the davenport...or better yet, a birdly american gothic! I think it'd be fun.

Montag said...


Fred Miller said...

That little bird is looking right inside me.