23 January 2012

My Fourth Moleskine Entry

I have stopped drawing pictures on my cafe tickets...I thought I would do it in a moleskine instead...one every day. It hasn't been working out that way. This is the 23rd of January, and I've only finished 4 pages.

I'm putting them up at Flickr. So when you click on the image, you will find the uncropped image there.

The "haiku" reads:

In January
spring waits, warmed by a small bird's


Magical Day Dream said...

What a cute drawing. Love th euse of colors :)



Alex the Blogging Kat said...

Dat b berry nice pitkture. OK?

Diana said...

Found your blog thru Art's Heart Place. Love it. And the Haiku, take care,Diana

Catnapping said...

Thank you!

Flara said...

I love all your birds, but this one is the best! So cute! Yeah! x

Lynn Holland said...

Your birds are beautiful. They might like to get-together with my Doodly Birds heehee