12 February 2012

Corvus Curiosus


dinahmow said...

By the way, I like your date cartouche, Cat.

Catnapping said...

I stole the idea. I saw that lots of the people keeping art journals were dating them like that...and I liked it, too.


Schmutzie said...

Fantastic! I like them all but this is one of my favorites. Great detail.

Catnapping said...

schmutzie: thank you thank you.

little bitty strokes with a fine pen. i've spending a lot of time lying back on pillows sitting up in my bed, so my visiting nurse brought in a kind of easel that straddles my hips like those things they bring you breakfast in bed. but it ivpoted/angled up high so i could draw.

i think this is my favorite now. i figured out how to do something to make it appear htere are lines without drawing lines. i hope i can remember when i do another drawing.

Schmutzie said...

A thoughtful visiting nurse Cat. Maybe do one for her (him?)...You'll remember the technique. Little bitty strokes, and where there appears to be light or shadow, my eye sees the detail even if the lines aren't there. Sensational!

studio lolo said...

ooooh yeah, corvid love!

This is delightful♥

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