20 September 2005


It was something divine - the way this afternoon's sun fell through the changing leaves of a crabapple tree across the alley. I saw God's gold fingers touching the blue crate below, reaching for the small red apples inside. There were sparrows there, and house finches, too. All eager to be blessed.

Sacramental Recipe

- 4 quarts crabapples, cut in half
- 4 cups sugar
- 26 oz vodka

Fill a non-metallic, 4 quart container 3/4 full with halved crabapples. Pour sugar over top. Add vodka. Add remaining crabapples. Cover with lid. Store in cupboard. Everyday, for the first 8 days, tip the jar up-side down, allowing the sediment to fall. (Then return it to the cupboard, right side up). Then for another month, leave it undisturbed.

When appropriate time has lapsed, pour the contents through a non-metallic colander. Discard the apples. Strain remaining liqueur through layers of cheesecloth. Makes about 6 cups. Store in glass containers.

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Anonymous said...

I think the sacrament recipe is funny. A nice finish to what started as a religious theme.