17 August 2006

Osphelus' Moongoddess

He is in love with the moon
and she with him,
his pale hair
gently reflecting
her quiet light.

In a dark world
she holds him.
His blue eyes
follow her gleaming hands,
as she smoothes away his day.

She bathes him
She kisses him
He sleeps,
lovingly cradled,
in her tender radiance.

© 2003 catnapping


Schmutzie said...

Simply gorgeous. Like, Byron, only better because I know you.

catnapping said...

Because of what you wrote over on OutoftheLoop forums, I read the Poem, She Walks in Beauty. I really, really liked it.

So, I'm going to find Byron at the library, and read.

I'm very happy that you liked this poem. I had no idea you knew of it (which I'm assuming since you found the original title).