23 August 2007


This morning, I was trying to sketch this sparrow that's been watching me, and Aqualung came on the radio! I actually shreaked, and dropped my pencil. I grabbed my headphones; ran over to the radio; plugged them in; and turned the volume UP.

Well hell. It was over way too soon, and I told myself I'd rather hear that song again than have sex with chocolate. And how about Locomotive Breath? That's another one. Oooh. A list. So, I picked back up my pencil.

Songs I'd Postpone Sex For.

Now I'm not saying these are my favorite songs ever...cuz they ain't. (well, a couple might be...) And I haven't written them in any particular order:

In Your Eyes ... Peter Gabriel

I Just Wanna Make Love to You ... FogHat

(Second) Home by the Sea ... Genesis

Run Like Hell ... Pink Floyd

All Along the Watchtower ... Jimi Hendrix

Aqualung ... Jethro Tull

Everybody Wants to Rule the World .... Tears for Fears

White Rabbit ... Jefferson Airplane

Hotel California ... Eagles

Stranglehold ... Ted Nugent

Black Dog ... Led Zeppelin

Locomotive Breath ... Jethro Tull

All the Young Girls Love Alice ... Elton John

Paranoid ... Black Sabbath

Sky Pilot ... The Animals

Freebird ... Lynyrd Skynyrd

Runaround Sue ... Dion

Already Gone ... Eagles


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Now, how about a list of songs to play while you are having sex.

topazz said...

Coltrane for Lovers works for me.

Mick said...

I wonder what songs the cat is waiting for? The Meow Mix Jingle, Hey Diddle Diddle, Cat Scratch Fever? In the end, however, the concept of postponing sex for anything is something we men simply don't fully understand. :D

kol said...

A song that once stopped me having sex:
in my early twenties, came home late from the bar with someone I had picked up, turned on the radio and the Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk too Fuck" came on. I took it as a warning and halted the proceedings.

And that's just another reason I don't drink, anymore--when nihlistic punk bands are one's advisors, it's time to change one's ways.

fat B said...

You would postpone sex for Ted Nugent? You're sick! Sick!

merlinprincesse said...

I would postpone sex for chocolate... NO NOT THE GROUP... :) AHHH! Black Sabbath... Love of my teenage years... :)

Catnapping said...

kol: when i was a kid, my search for the meaning of life included listening to my Black Sabbath albums backwards...

nick: not till our third date, honey...

topazz: agreed. makes me all tingly...

mick: thanks for the ear worm! meow meow meow meow.♪ meow meow meow meow. ♪ I owe you!

fat b: i never said he was any good. it's just that one song, stranglehold...gets to me, everytime. My favorite guitarists include Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, and Jimmy Page.

Princess Merlin: chocolate makes great foreplay.

tsduff said...

Wow. With the exception of a scant few, you nailed the best. I played "Already Gone" at my husband's memorial service, because he so was.

LOL - haven't thought of "All The Young Girls Love Alice" in too many years... nice memories.

Ahem - aren't you a bit too young to know and appreciate all of these songs? Like Sky Pilot, Runaround Sue...etc? Great choices. Aqualung takes the prize...

My fav song during sex is
"Riders On The Storm" - the Doors

Anonymous said...

Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg not only can postpone sex but put you off sex FOREVER!

ValGalArt said...

we love a lot of the same songs! howz about Legend or Crazy Love by Poco? Hey by the way Chuffed: very pleased. Not to be confused with a chuff: rude insensitive boorish person. :p

Catnapping said...

tsduff: i'm really old.

anonymous bird person: i tried to have sex to Ride of the Valkyries, once. but i kept laughing. this upset my would-be lover so much he .. uh...aborted.

valgal: how about allman brothers - one way out? i wonder if we could come up with 101 Songs Guaranteed to Stop Sex.

Prozacville said...



Oh, ok. Genesis.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHAA I think Wagner's Bridal March would make for an even more dramatic exit!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

All Along The Watchtower, indeed.
Oh, and Voodoo Chile, yes.
That one too.