04 February 2009

Am I making an impressive impression?

I read ProBlogger's article the other day giving tips on producing a more successful blog. It was written more for those folks out there who actually make money from their blogs. (btw, I learned that there are bloggers who blog soley to make money from ads placed on their pages. So, apparently getting hundreds of hits a day is traye impoortaunte for them.

In his tips, he suggested that we consider the first impression our blogs make, because readers will decide whether or not to look around based on the emotions they experience in the first three seconds of viewing.

My first reaction was one of dismay. Oh no. What impression is my blog making? Should I change my header again? Is my sidebar too busy? Too boring? omg, I don't know, I don't know.

And then I remembered I'm not here to make money. I thought, hmm. My blog is personal...maybe even narcissistic, since in the end, it is written for my enjoyment.

But. Then I remembered something else: Impressions are Important. I like the folks I've met in the creative world. And I want to meet more just like you. I think that means I need to lurk less, and comment more. Those of you who know me, have probably noted my IP in your logs...and shook your heads...Cat's lurking again. why doesn't she say something? Well, I'm gonna. I'm going to make a point of commenting on the beautiful images I'm seeing out here.

I love getting comments, so I should assume other illustrators and writers do, too. In fact, anyone who hasn't disabled his/her* comments section, must hope to get some feedback on his/her* entries. So I'm making a promise: I will visit at least 7 blogs a day, and comment on at least 5 of them. If I can't think of something intelligent...I'll at least try to be coherent.

As to the matter of impressin' y'all...My Social Success depends it.

Ugh. That Sidebar - Does it make me look fat? It's a little late for me to worry about what folks think of my commie proclivities. So I won't be removing my political causes.

What I will do is clean up my links. It's not that I'll be omitting any (hell, I've got 20 or so that need adding.) But I'll try to group some of them the way I did Montana bloggers and Poets.

I'm also determined to put up at least 3 entries a week, and 15 per month. I can't promise this, because of health issues, but it is my priority.

*Will someone PLEASE invent a singular, third-person, possessive pronoun?


artandsoul said...

You are such an inspiration. First with art. Then with poems. (That's the order of your stuff I came to it - not the order of goodness) ... and now blogging.

:) So glad I know you. I'm going to re-read this a few times and try to really get it. Thanks!

betmo said...

good post content is the most important followed by links that crawlers can crawl- if it's hits you're looking for :) if you are looking for folks to visit the blog for companionship and conversation- leaving comments certainly helps :) folks wonder- who the heck is that- and follow you back where the good post content is important :) no problems with that- guess you should out yourself as a lurker ;)

harrybell said...

"their" is a perfectly acceptable replacement for "his/her".:0)

lissa said...

I'm like you, it's just too hard to think of a decent comment and I don't want to lame ones, such as, "that's great!", "love it", even though I actually don't mind those comments at all

it's probably a good thing I don't make money off my blogs or else I would go nuts not having comments/visitors

I thought your blog's creative and certainly not clutter and I do occasionally go through other people's blogroll, though I cannot remember how I found your blog

whatever you, I hope you get some enjoyment out of blogging

artandsoul said...

One thing I was thinking is that sometimes I just want to be able to say something to you -- so maybe it would be good to have a conversational post (by you) each day that can be the repository for random thoughts, comments etc.

Whaddya say?

Also, even though it wouldn't pass an academic scrutiny I agree with harrybell and think the use of "their" is perfectly acceptable in blogging, internet posting and conversations amongst friends.

artandsoul said...

Well, I'm making some changes to my own blog and wanted to see if they stuck.

whynowannex said...

I'll go along with "their" because "heris" just never caught on with people.

Blogs are personal, so the real question is: are you happy with the way it looks, i.e. does it reflect you.

It the same with the links: are they easy for you to use.

I pay for my site because I didn't like the way the free sites worked, and I had space in the area I use for my work. My space is me. The fonts are things I like. The design is useful to me.

I like your graphics and sense of humor, but your skill set is totally different than mine, and beyond telling you I like something, I can't comment in a meaningful way, because I have no base of experience to work from. When you can't draw a straight line with a ruler, you aren't really qualified to discuss graphics.

Why Now

harrybell said...

As for artandsoul's "academic scrutiny", if "their" was good enough for authors from Shakespeare to F. Scott Fitzgerald, I don't see why it shouldn't be good enough for humble bloggers. See:

artandsoul said...

With all due respect, harrybell, I wasn't criticizing the use of "their" but supporting it.

The "academic scrutiny" I was referring to was meant to convey using the singular their in papers written at the graduate level in institutions where I have taken classes. I wasn't purporting to be an expert on it, nor making an expert opinion.

As I said, I think it is a perfectly good word and should be used.

Montag said...

harrybell's "their" is the right choice.

It will not affect theology; speaking of God, people will still say "His love", or "Her love" or "His/Her love.", etc.
They will not wish to give the impression of a plurality of deities.

It would be worth a fine reward if "History" and "Herstory" could be summed up as "Theirstory", and we could be done with it.

Montag said...

I shall comment more often. At least, oftener than twice a year on the solstices.

Renee said...

Well you already know I absolutely love you. Your blog is great.

I didn't know you had health issues and now this is my head (please let her feel better).

Love Renee

Mick said...

It's marked right on the restroom door at some o' them cowboy clubs: he's and she's ... and their you go, I think! :O

Bill said...

I love your blog and you illustrations!

Aaron said...

Hey, Cat!

One thing that I've noticed is that the urge to post comes in waves. Some days I want to post six times in a day - other times there's a week of nothing worth talking about.

And real life gets in the way. I like to put things on my blog, but I will admit that it doesn't drive me, so I let work, relationships, toys, et cetera... get in the way.

P.S.: I also use "they" as third-person gender-neutral singular, although "one" works equally well, depending on the circumstances.

Catnapping said...

i find myself using 'their' but i don't like it. it really bothers me.

i can use non-words like, cuz, wanna, hafta, and yer, but not matching subjects and pronouns and verbs...iy yi yi.

one day, and i've already broken my promise. i spent the morning at the doctor's and the credit union. then when i came home i had to lie down.

i've only visited one blog today, and there wasn't anything to comment on...so i have to put off for another day...or maybe this evening.

my visits will be to those who visited here today, that should simplify it for me. (i'm giggling, cuz that struck me as funny for some reason.)

i think maybe posting a few random thoughts everyday might be fun.

for instance, if i'd done so the day before yesterday, i would have told you about the dollop of peanut butter i accidently dropped on the squad car crawling down the alley below my window. (details tomorrow.)

harrybell said...

artandsoul -- sorry to have given offence. The problem lies with the authorial voice of my comment. I meant no criticism of you, but of the misplaced standards used by some academics. ;)

fredwrite said...

Since we suddenly disliked the neuter form of third person, singular possessive which was "his" for centuries, because it looked too masculine, I now seek ways to simply use an article such as "the" or a demonstrative such as "those." Works like a charm. And I don't have to feel corrected.

And "their" is simply wrong. I may be incorrugible. But I can count.

andrea said...

Oo --it's looking nicer so you should get a thousand more hits per day! Seriously, it is looking clean and it's always highly entertaining and readable and I do like the way you've grouped your top two blogrolls. Very graphic. Makes me wish I hadn't thrown in the blogroll towel just so I could do the same!

(BTW the word verif is 'dropu' -- pretty topical but I won't! I omitted the word verif function on mine making it easier to comment and I've had almost no spam since I did.)

studio lolo said...

hah!! I went from saying "I'd never blog. Who cares what I have to say?" to discovering Illustration Friday and becoming addicted. But then I started posting non-IF stuff and felt as though my blog was suffering in public image, becoming too cluttered and God forbid...CUTE. (A four letter word.)
But then I got over it and I'm just letting it be what it is. Some days I like the post or illustration I did, other days I cringe but I still show up.
I don't try to make money on my blog. I just try to be there for the wonderful friends I've met along the way just like they're there for me. That's enough for me.
Thank you for being one of the ones that always shows up ;)