05 April 2009


One-Shoe Magoo
slept under a wooden bridge
I crossed every morning
on the way to school.

Hair the colour of blood
whipped wildly about her head,
and tangled in the rosaries
strung around her neck.

She wore colossal pink roses
on a grey sack,
and she covered her shins
with brown-on-browner argyle socks.

There was stuck on her right foot
an oxblood penny loafer.
And written in bold letters
around its heel,

from instep to side step,
in black magic marker,
was the name:


ValGalArt said...

The purple hat makes for a perfect nest! i love this :)

fredwrite said...

This made me laugh. Birds can be such characters. From the ducks and tropical birds we've owned to the wild birds in our yard, we can see all kinds of peculiarities, even idiosyncracies.

Teri C said...

You have such a wonderful imagination!!

fashion fucsia said...

I like the contrast colours, well done!

Kevin McGinty said...

One-Shoe Magoo. I like that Cat.

Keep em coming...

INDIGENE said...

What a great imagination! This is a lovely illustration!

Renee said...

Hey Ms. Cat, you talented cat you.

I love the talisman.

Love Renee xoxox

Montag said...

Amazing how children's poetry is filled with nightmares scarce hidden from sight: just the meter - no rhyme - allows us to think of Magoo as a fairy tale, not a tragedy.

If there were rhyme, Magoo would be as sprightly as a step dancer.

I really am struck by this poem.

Rui Sousa said...

Just amazing one, really great work. A great issue about the subject!


"The Temporary"

studio lolo said...

This one really touched me Cat.
I want to take that lady home and give her a meal and a hug.

The image is a wonderful distraction ;)

tsduff said...

Perfect picture - I adore the thought of a nest in a hat. Especially a black bird with an eye for pretties :)

The Crow said...

Wonderful poem/story and art...that's a bird after my own heart!