25 February 2012

Visiting Birds

My moleskine is now 31 pages in, but a good 10 pages are yet to be coloured. I've been drawing china tea cups, and they do not finish well in ink or even magic marker...watercolour is definitely called for.

But here are some birds that I was able to finish. Crows, sparrows, and starlings come to my window every day. There are 5 crows who come right up next to me when the window is open. I coo at them, and they coo back. (anything for a few peanuts...)


Michael said...

I TOLD you that you'd remember the technique! These are fantastic. Wonderful detail. Sisters is exceptional, and I'd say the same about the starling except starlings piss me off. Damned imported scavengers. They're everywhere here. I used to leave sunflower seeds out for the neighborhood cardinals (my favorites), and thought they were eating the seeds while I wasn't watching... no. NO! It was a marauding pack of starlings. Great stuff Cat. Glad that nurse brought you that drawing table. :)

Catnapping said...

I like their winter colouring...but as a bird, they SUCK. They steal the spots finches and other tweety birds might use to nest.

I'm not that pleased with my drawing of the starling. In fact, I never would have uploaded it, but people here in the meat world got all excited over it...more so than my crows. And over on reddit's IDAP, it's getting lots of up-votes. I can never anticipate what people will like. My nuthatch in the window got a big fat zero on Reddit. BUT it got favorited by some 20 people on flickr.

Good thing I don't do this for a living.

Catnapping said...



Michael said...

The only critic you need to please is you.....and me.

Catnapping said...

I made my nurse a picture of a bird with a little limerick. I put it on a 4 by 6 index card and put it in a frame.

studio lolo said...

Missing you and hoping you are well.

I love these! ♥

tsduff said...

I've been away for a long time Catnapping. Are you ill? I'm sorry to hear this... have always felt a kinship with you through your art, your loss of loved one and your taste in wildlife. Have missed you.

Одинокий бизон said...


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